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Thread: Ray Robot II™ Now Available on JForex

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    Ray Robot II™ Now Available on JForex

    Regular readers of the Trading Gurus blog will know that the Son of Ray the Random Robot has been simultaneously spreadbetting a variety of live accounts for nearly two years now. We've had a few problems getting MetaTrader 4 backtest results to look much like Ray Jr.'s live trading results, so by way of experiment we've gone back into the laboratory here at Trading Towers and created a Java clone of Ray Robot II™.

    This version is for Dukascopy's JForex platform, and will hopefully allow us to do some backtesting using Dukascopy's tick data. The results should look a bit more like real life than MT4's own over optimistic one minute bars!

    Here's RR2's Java source code for JForex:
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    Thanks for this Jim... just loaded Ray II up into Eclipse and let him chew his way through the last 6 months worth of ticks. There's nothing like a 'profit/prophet with hindsight' to start the weekend!

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