FXCM's current copywriter doesn't seem to be aware of these two simple tricks.

If you want to view the current ask price on a MetaTrader chart here are a couple of methods that might come in handy:

A. Display an "Ask" line on a chart.

1. Right click on your chosen chart and left click on "Properties", or just hit the "F8" key
2. Select the "Common" tab
3. Make sure the "Show Ask line" checkbox is ticked
4. Left click the "OK" button

Here's one I prepared earlier today, using my live account with "ODL Powered by FXCM":


B. Just pop up a tick chart.

Having done both of those, this is what I saw:


See the blue "Ask" line on the tick chart?

See the red "Ask" line, just above the black "Bid" line on the main chart?