Last night MetaQuotes finally turned on the 314 expert advisors that have been patiently waiting for the start of the MetaTrader 5 Automated Trading Championship 2010.

Ray the Random Robot™ was one of them. For this competition he will still be using his trusty Martingale Money Management Module (MMMM for short). However in this case we have also fitted him with Multiple Micro Memory Modules (also MMMM for short) to allow him to trade multiple currencies simultaneously. Ray is capable of trading all 12 currencies available in this competition, but after the briefest of tests, we've only enabled 9 of them.

As you've probably discovered by now, one of Ray's dumb tricks is to stay in the market 100% of the time if he possibly can. Consequently at midnight Moscow time Ray traded each of those 9 currency pairs as quickly as he possibly could. After that quick flurry of frantic trading, here is how things looked to him very early this morning:


A long way to go still, but at least Ray seems to be behaving himself perfectly at the moment.