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Thread: The Below Average Alert (BAA for short)

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    The Below Average Alert (BAA for short)

    As requested by Four Eyes, here is the first of our MetaTrader 4 custom indicators. The Below Average Alert makes farmyard noises when price crosses a moving average. You will be pleased to hear that numerous aspects of its behaviour are configurable, including the noises it makes!

    This is an early beta version that has been sat on a virtual shelf gathering dust for well over a year now. As such it almost certainly contains significant bugs. If you discover any please advise us of that fact by commenting to this thread.

    Here is the source code, together with a brief manual:
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    Hi Jim second try at this reply as when I finished the first time I pressed post I was given message not logged in and when allowed in the reply disappeared!!


    Thanks again for the indicator I've loaded up and tried with a few different ma's and chart pairs - have found the following:-

    Colours - when changing the ma thickness from say 0 to 3 if I save then go back again later to change something else the thickness reverts back to ) so it has to be reset. No real problem as i can change the default in the code and then of course it holds ok.

    Inputs - If I change the ma mode from say SMA(0) to EMA (1) no visual change to the ma on the chart takes place. As mentioned have tried various chart pairs and ma periods.

    Realise you are very busy but maybe at some time you might take a look at this for me or perhaps someone in the forum could help.

    Many thanks


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