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Thread: The Never Ending Search for the Holy Grail

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    The Never Ending Search for the Holy Grail

    Some very wise words, that I first came across on ForexFactory many moons ago.

    "There is no holy grail, there is only the holy trinity. Discipline, Money Management and Probability."
    Reality is merely an illusion, albeit a very persistent one - Albert Einstein

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    The search for the Holy Grail

    Hi Jim,

    A subject much on my mind, my attitude to the search for the Holy Grail is paralleled by the following quote from Dwight Eisenhower:
    Plans are useless, but planning is invaluable
    ...and also by the attitude of the Captian of the Golgafrinchan ship which crashed on Earth. He sent
    search parties looking for a soap mine:
    To those who said that they had a feeling soap wasn't found in mines, the Captain had ventured to suggest that perhaps that was because no one had looked hard enough, and this possibility had been reluctantly acknowledged.
    Like a long-legged fly upon the stream, His mind moves upon silence. - W.B. Yates

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