Ray the Random Robot began his campaign in the Alpari (UK) "Yes to Forex Trading" forex traders' contest when the markets opened last night. He dutifully open single lot trades in each of the six currency pairs his assorted clones have been using in all those other MetaTrader 4 trading contests.

Today however, Ray has been doing some rather strange things. Take a look at this list of his currently open trades:


1.48 lots of USD/CHF? 1.27 lots of EUR/USD? What on earth's going on?

Following a close inspection of Ray's logs it eventually became apparent that we hadn't read the contest small print carefully enough. Despite the fact that their live accounts are currently available with leverage as high as 500:1, for this contest Alpari are limiting leverage to 10:1!

Ray's Martingale Money Management Module is in fact working as designed, it just doesn't have much margin to work with. After a losing trade Ray doesn't even have enough free margin to double up on his order size. Instead he just uses every little bit of margin available, which is what causes those peculiarly sized orders shown above.

We're going to have to put our thinking caps on and decide whether to tweak Ray's input settings a bit and maybe modify his MMMM a bit too. That way we might manage to improve his performance in the unexpectedly limited environment Alpari have provided for the contestants in this particular trading competition.

As with all these MetaTrader 4 contests, you can keep track of Ray's progress over the coming weeks in his very own Myfxbook portfolio.